Your Rights After a Collision

Accidents can be very confusing. Beyond opening an insurance claim, here's some things you should know about getting your vehicle back to new. 

  • Once you have a claim number, that's all you need to get your vehicle repaired. If your vehicle is driveable, you can just come to SCR directly. We will have a rental car company come bring your rental car right to our shop so you are off and on your way as fast as possible. If your vehicle is not driveable, you can just call us and we will send a tow truck to pick it up. 
  • You don't have to do the insurance claim processing. We are experts in processing insurance claims. We work with all insurance companies and we have adjusters from all major insurance companies in our shop in person every day. We will negotiate on your behalf to make sure your repair is done to New Car Dealer standards and with new parts, with no cost to you. 
  • You can get your vehicle repaired anywhere you want. California law mandates that you choose any repair facility you want. The insurance company may recommend a facility they have a partnership with, but it doesn't mean your vehicle will be repaired in excellence. Take a look at Yelp. SCR has over a hundred reviews with many 5 star ratings and we give a lifetime warranty on our work.
  • The first estimate your insurance company gives you is not complete. The first estimate your insurance adjuster will give almost never is a complete and full estimate of the repair. Rest assured, the insurance company is required by law to pay for the full repair! It's simply that the first estimate is only the visible damage. Once the vehicle is disassembled, SCR sends a supplement for all hidden damages so that your vehicle is repaired all the way through, back to new. 
  • A rush repair is not the best repair. Painting a vehicle alone without any body repair or parts replacement can sometimes take a week. With auto paint that is exposed to the elements every day, it is extra important to have the paint done correctly and cure thoroughly between each layer of paint. Rush paint jobs just don't last. It is not uncommon for a damaged vehicle to be in the shop for two weeks. If your vehicle is significantly damaged, it could be even longer than that. The time is worth it to get a vehicle repaired back to factory specifications with the highest quality paint work in the industry. 
  • Not all auto paint is the same. You have the right to the highest quality paint. Auto paint materials can be expensive. Some shops will increase profit by using a lower quality paint. SCR uses Standox. Standox is a very high grade premium paint that is also water based and environmentally friendly. Our paint is guaranteed to match, and guaranteed to last for the lifetime that you own your vehicle. 
  • You have the right to be happy. Getting your vehicle repaired doesn't have to be an unhappy experience. Trust a business that will educate you on everything you want to know about the repair. Come on down and SCR staff will give you a full tour of the shop and explain everything about the repair process. If you want daily updates or videos of the repair, we can do that too. We guarantee satisfaction. That's what you get when you take your car to a family-owned small business. 

Double Your Car's Lifespan

Caring for a car often takes on a feeling of "have to". It is begrudgingly that we stare at our car's indicator light. There just doesn't seem to be enough time to take the car in, right? 


Regular maintenance doesn't need to be a "have to". If it is just about keeping the car running today, that is valuable. But did you know that regular maintenance can create a reliable car that runs and runs and runs, to 150,000 miles, 175,000 miles and beyond? And while many vehicles run, often they become so dilapidated, they look run down and unappealing. 


Not here. SCR cares for cars in a way that keeps them looking a driving like new, well into the car's golden years. 


So go ahead. Pamper your ride. It may just double it's lifespan.