A deductible is the portion of the total repair cost that you may be responsible for. It may be included in the terms of your auto insurance policy. There can be different deductibles amounts indicated on your policy for different types of incidents (Collision, Comprehensive, or Glass claims). If the accident was not your fault and the repairs are being paid by a company other than your insurance company then chances are that you do not have a deductible. You may not have any out of pocket expenses at all.


Sometimes it is difficult to understand what choices you have when your involved in an accident. We can help you with all these types of choices and help determine what's in your best interest.

There are a lot of repair facilities who advertise to save your deductible. What they fail to tell you is how they are able to do this. You should also be told what part of the repair they are not going to do or what is going to be sacrificed. As a rule, insurance allowances to repair vehicles at a repair facility are regulated very tightly. We hope that if you choose to use a facility who is going to "save your deductible", or any portion of it, that they are not forced to sacrifice the quality of the repair to make a profit.

When the repairs are complete and you are satisfied with the repairs. The insurance check issued will be minus your deductible amount, if you have one. At the time you pick up your vehicle you will pay the deductible amount to SCR Collision.

(Original Equipment Manufactured) are parts made by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

These are parts not made by your vehicle manufacturer. They are also known as Quality Replacement Parts (QRP). Aftermarket parts are much cheaper than OEM parts and might not have the same fit and function as OEM parts. If the insurance only pays for Aftermarket you have the option to pay the difference and receive the same part your vehicle was manufactured with.

LQK - (Like Kind & Quality). These parts are more commonly referred to as used parts. These parts generally come from automotive salvage yards. Salvage yards purchase damaged or totaled vehicles, remove the good parts and sell them as LKQ parts. All LKQ parts are inspected for prior damage, rust, and to make sure they are OEM and not Aftermarket.

There are many factors to consider when estimating length of time for the repairs like part availability, paint and material dry times and availability of specific equipment within our facility. We understand that you depend on your transportation and we work very hard to complete the repair in a timely manor. Rushing repairs could result in a less satisfactory repair. Our professional estimators are happy to estimate how long it will take and do our very best to meet or exceed that goal. Remember, we don't get paid until the job is complete so it's to our advantage to complete the work in a timely manner.

Vehicles with frame or suspension damage will require a two or four-wheel alignment. We have specifications on every vehicle to insure that the frame or unibody is returned to its pre-accident condition. With precise frame repair and state-of-the-art alignment equipment your vehicle will drive and handle the same as it was manufactured to do, except in cases when the vehicle has normal and incidental wear on undamaged parts.

With our highly skilled and trained professionals we are able to reproduce the finish on your vehicle. We use only the highest of quality paint manufactured by BASF. We not only duplicate the precise color but also the texture.

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